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Child Support EnforcementOur current economic times may make certain previously-ordered payments or other financial obligations impractical, even impossible. If you are unable to pay child support or spousal support because of a job loss, business loss, or illness, it is important to know your rights and obligations. You may be able to seek a modification or negotiate a payment plan to prevent civil penalties, wage garnishment, loss of your driver’s license, or even jail time for an inability to pay.

Alternatively, when a court order entitles you to a particular time-sharing arrangement or child support amount, you have the right to see it enforced. If you are seeking the enforcement of a child time-sharing arrangement, child support enforcement, or alimony/spousal support order, there are means of enforcement available upon court order.

With child support enforcement, you would be best served to have an attorney help to stream line the process and help protect the interest of the children.